Common Packing Mistakes To Avoid For First-Time Movers

Packing is the most crucial and initial part of moving. Everything the way you pack and when you pack plays an important role. Before we focus on the things that packing and moving mistakes you need to avoid and we will introduce you to the techniques that will help you to pack your items safely and securely. A single careless move can ruin the whole moving process. Remember that nobody is perfect when it comes to relocation, you will surely require expert advice to move your furniture and essentials from one place to another place.

Packing is a kind of mental and physical excercise. The more you plan your packing schedule in advance the better you can get a smooth motion. Unfortunately, it is too often that people dive right in without having any idea. In conclusion, they only get wasted time, energy, and packing material that is way more difficult than it needs to be. A few days before you should plan your packing process, put a game plan that you are going to pack all your essentials safely. Create an inventory in order to make it simple. Packing is like navigating through the gates of olympus slot game – a strategic process that requires planning and precision. Just like in the game, the more you plan your moves in advance, the better chance you have of achieving a smooth and successful outcome.

  • You don’t give yourself enough time

This is one of the worst packing mistakes that most people make. Even if you will avoid all other mistakes on your list, if you will not give yourself enough time to pack your items and furniture you would surely end up stressed and overwhelmed. The more you invest your time in packing the more reliable move you would be able to get. Once you get an estimate of the packing time duration and assume that things will take a bit longer time duration than you’re assuming. As a rule of packing, you will need about two or three days to pack a studio apartment or one-bedroom home, four to five days to pack a two-bedroom home, and approximately five to six days to pack a three-bedroom home. 

  • You don’t get enough supplies

The things that are no longer in use for so long or you don’t need now are a big waste of time, money, and energy. There are alot of things that need to be done, but there are necessary tasks to be done before the moving day comes. Before starting to pack all the essentials, make sure to separate out the items that you don’t need anymore. You can divide it into 3 categories donations, recycling and the last one is trash. At that time you don’t need to be sentimental. Throw the things that no longer serve you, such as clothes that you didn’t wear last year, kitchen gadgets that don’t work, and old papers that you never need anymore. After doing this you and your moving boxes will feel relaxed after getting rid.

  • You don’t secure things well enough

There will be no benefits of packing up items if they are not secure and packed properly and you will find them broken by the time you transport all your essentials to your new place. Not giving enough time and supplies at the time of packing. Just throwing everything in a box and hoping for the best since they deliver is a myth. Make sure to apply your proper sense to judge what needs to be wrapped and packed with proper care. This will help you to save your items from breakage. You can use packing paper and bubble wraps to cover up the fragile and use proper padding while putting items into boxes. Use dish towels to fill in gaps so that things don’t move around, it is difficult to wrap breakables like lamps in extra-large boxes. 

  • You don’t label boxes 

After packing all the boxes if you will not label all the boxes properly you will find them It is common to make packing mistakes when moving house come as a result of overconfidence. Even if you are proud of your memorizing skills, It’s good to remember the chaotic period of moving from one place to another place. You can spare your time to label all the boxes after packing. You just need to take a black marker pen and labeling chit to mention the address of the room and the item name. You can also mention special instructions on the box to help the interstate moving company

  • To assume you won’t need any packing help

Thinking that you won’t need any packing help during winding up all the essentials and items is wrong. You will definitely require some helping hands to handle your move. You can ask your family or friends to complete the moving task. Don’t make the moving mistake of assuming that professional packing and moving services are too expensive to afford. To get reliable and affordable moving services you can get a quotation from two movers and compare them. 

  • Making boxes too heavy

If you think that you would be able to save the cost of boxes by stuffing more and more items into the box, this can be proven as the biggest mistake the boxes can be break or tough to lift up for the movers. You should pack heavy and big items in individual boxes and small and tinny items in separate boxes. Use medium size boxes for moving.


By following our given instructions you can save your essentials from breakage and yourself from stress and harassment. Being a homeowner everyone has various tasks to complete. If you want to make your move successful and efficient HAP Interstate removalists are all available in your services. we strive to make the interstate moving process effortless and comfortable for our clients. Our professionals are well experienced and trained for the various types of challenges. Contact our team for a quotation at 1300 369 699.