Tips for Safely Packing & Moving Glassware

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The whole process of safe and secure moving depends on packing skills. Whether it is a collection the wine glass, tea sets, photo frames, and any other kitchen crockery. You need to be aware while packing glassware to avoid cracking, shattering, or breaking entirely. You can protect your fragile items by packing them with the right techniques. Here we are sharing some tips to pack glassware, dishes, and breakable items for moving and storage.  

Here are some tips when choosing packing materials

Be extra conscious while packing such fragile items. If you want to save your fragile items in a proper way you should better have good-quality packing material. Here we are sharing a list of items that you will likely need to pack your glassware. 

List of Essentials for Packing 

  • Carton Boxes:- If you want to move essentials damage-free we will suggest you buy carton boxes in small sizes, for heavy fragile items. Put a single item into an individual box. It will be easy to lift up the box. 
  • Never use flimsy boxes: Don’t use flimsy boxes for glassware. Use fresh and new boxes. It is better to use safety than sorry. 
  • Tape roll: Make sure to have tape rolls of good quality and with wide straps so that they can cover and paste both sides of the box. You can use 2 or 3 layers of taping at the bottom of the box. 
  • Labeling chits: Use labeling chits to address the boxes if they are fragile or not.
  • Marker: Mark each and every box with directions. It will help movers to know from which side they need to lift and put down the box. 
  • Packing papers: Use crumpling packing papers instead of using newspapers to cover up the fragile. If you will do so, you need to wash all fragile after moving. 

Tips to Pack Fragiles in Appropriately 

  • Indulge Your Family in Packing Process

In order to enjoy your moving journey try to involve the whole family. If you will trained properly children as young as the age of seven can help to pack fragile items properly. They will find it an adventure and never get bored while helping you out.

  • Tape Boxes From Bottom

Ensure the boxes you purchase must be in condition. Tape the bottoms correctly. Use wide packing tape so that it can easily join both sides equally. A tape gun or applicator will make your job easier and will just a few minutes of practice, you’ll find them easy to set up. 

  • Use White Packing Paper

In order to move fragile from one place to another we always suggest using white packing paper, packing papers are budget-friendly. Instead of using packing paper if you will go for newspapers then you will need to wash all your glassware properly after the move also your workload will be increased. 

  • Start With Lying Paper in Box

After taping all boxes properly start packing properly. The first thing that you need to do is for packing your cartons and create a soft bed of packing paper to cushion box contents during travel. Crumpled papers are the best example of saving fragile items. The crumpling provides more shock-absorbing benefits for the move. Create a 4 inches bed of paper on the bottom of every box that you will use for packing glassware. 

  • Wrap Glasses

Make sure to wrap all the glasses individually into the packing paper to save them from breakage. Make sure you push the excess paper into the openings of the glass.

  • Place The Glasses Into The Box

Place all the glasses into the box one by one. Make sure to put the glasses as tightly as possible as these will not be able to move into the box while moving. 

  • Fill Gaps In The Box

After placing all the glasses and fragile into the box, now fill the gap around those glasses and fragile. This will avoid the glasses from making contact with each other while moving. You can use bubble wrap, packing papers, and newspaper but make sure you fill all the gaps properly. 

  • Add An Extra Layer on the Top

After packing and placing all the glasses while closing the box first add an extra layer of crumpled paper on the top of the box. It is a precautionary move to save fragile items.  

  • Seal The Box

Before sealing the boxes, give a gentle shake from both sides of the box. It will help you to clarify if any glasses are moving or knocking with each other. If you feel something messy put some more papers inside the box or you can close up the box and seal the box with packing tape. 

  • Label Boxes

After sealing the boxes the most important and last step you need to do is to label all the boxes with their appropriate name and address. 

How to Transport Your Fragile Items?

Now that we have discussed all the tips to pack fragile items, it’s time to learn how to transport them. You can transport fragile items on your own if you want to move only fragile, but if you are moving your entire house furniture it would be preferable to hire a professional moving team for it. This will help you save your fragile items during the move. 

Final Words

Packing fragile items carefully will help you to win half of the battle. But still, the process of moving them safely will be pending. It can be a challenging task, luckily, you don’t need to suffer alone. If you need help from the moving team, contact HAP Interstate Removals for the best and most reliable moving services. Our team is fully trained to face and deal with the challenges that occur during moving furniture and any other essential items. The services provide by professional removalists in Melbourne are safe and secure. Also, we will provide you with insurance for your entire household.  Contact us now to get a free moving quotation.